Programme Management

Creo have experienced Consultants who can lead projects from a technology perspective or from a business perspective.  Their experience covers Programme Start-up, Programme Governance, co-ordination and management of project delivery, planning and managing the overall delivery of benefits and Programme Closure.

Technical Consultancy

Creo can supply Technical Consultancy for a broad range of projects and a broad range of technologies. Whether it be for "straight forward" ECM or multiple workstreams covering ECM, ERM, BPM and SOA, Creo Systems can supply low level technical resource all the way up to enterprise architect.  This can be for large organisations and more general consultancy to Start Up companies who do not have the need for a full time CTO/Architect.

Trusted Advisor

Creo are retained by a number of organisations in the role of "Trusted Advisor", that is to say we supply application-agnostic consultancy for particular projects or programmes on a call down basis.